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Our retreats are organized according to your wishes. 
Find inspiration from previous participants

la yoga anmeldelse

Take your husband on the trip

Farhiya did, and here you can read more about the couple's experience:

"We traveled with Linda and Agnete on a retreat in Deia and it was the best pampering of body and mind. I learned about the retreat through a friend and was lucky enough to get a place at the last minute.

I have personally learned a lot from Agnete and Linda. In addition to being skilled yoga instructors, they care that people should thrive and develop. In this way, it builds a bridge to a lot of other self-development - in their very own relaxed and spacious way. It's really easy to be a part of

When I booked the hotel room onHotel Es Molí, there were only large rooms left, and my husband came along on the trip. We were happy about that. There was both time for Yoga and being together. Among other things, my husband went for walks and worked in beautiful surroundings when he was not with the rest of us.

You can both eat together and go on your own. It is completely open and relaxed. It is a really good shape that gives space and possibilities.

Today I am registered for a yoga studio and have really enjoyed the journey. It can be recommended"

la yoga anmeldelse

Do like Krystyna and come with us to Mallorca

"I can wholeheartedly recommend la yoga retreats in Mallorca

Linda and Agnete are both super skilled yoga instructors who are good at putting together a varied and exciting yoga course, where you are challenged and guided to perform the positions correctly

Deià is a cozy little town and the hotel Hotel Es Molí is a lovely hotel with a nice garden where you can enjoy the pool or find a peaceful spot where you can relax and enjoy the lovely view. The hotel has a sumptuous breakfast buffet and lovely restaurants.

For those who wish, a joint dinner (and on some days lunch) will be arranged either at the hotel or at various other restaurants in the area, so even if you are traveling alone you can have pleasant company and get to know your fellow yogis better.

If you want to pamper yourself and enjoy doing yoga, join this retreat"

la yoga anmeldelse

Memories with mother-in-law

“I went on a retreat in Mallorca with la yoga to pamper myself, with time to strengthen my body and mind.

I invited my mother-in-law along, as she also practices yoga and it gave us a fantastically lovely experience together, in the most beautiful surroundings in Deià.

la yoga offers professional, challenging, present, varied and beautiful yoga teaching. Combined with the hikes and the beautiful nature, it is absolutely ideal for taking a deep breath and gaining new energy.

Linda & Agnete focuses on each individual participant and guides and supports so that exercises and stretches are performed correctly and with respect for the body's potential. limitations.

Yoga has brought calm into my everyday life and creates a better balance in my body".


Mia R. Jensen

Meeting & Event coordinator

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