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At la yoga, we want to support you in experiencing the transformative power of yoga in all aspects of your life.

Yoga instruktør, Agnete
Yoga instruktør, Linda

la yoga 

Welcome to Linda and Agnete's unique yoga experiences, where we bring our many years of experience with personal development and body training to you. We are two passionate instructors who do not limit ourselves to a physical yoga studio. On the other hand, we have chosen to be flexible and go out and teach fixed locations weekly and hold workshops in Høsterkøb.
With our popular offer, la yoga retreats are a unique opportunity for you who prefer to travel on your own terms. You book your trip to your chosen destination yourself and additionally buy your yoga package from us. The package includes 6 days of intensive yoga instruction, wellness with the opportunity to meet like-minded people. Our approach to yoga is completely unique, and our teaching is adapted to your individual needs and wishes. Our mission is to help you achieve peace and balance in a busy everyday life, and our passion and experience will take you on a journey that will change your life. We want to take you on the journey and share our passion with you, so book now and experience it for yourself!

7 dage - selvforkælelse, vandring
og yoga i Grækenland i september

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What can we do for you? 

I look forward to going to la yoga every week. I have a hypersensitive body and easily get inflammation, joint problems and injuries. When I go to la yoga, I get to open up flow throughout my body, which means that I can stay healthy all week. It gives me an everyday life without constant pain. And then we have fun, all the time so that you are happy to the core.

If you have any questions, we are here to help and assist you. Send us a direct message or call us on one of the numbers below.


+45 24202302  & +45 60108050   

Location: 20 km north of Copenhagen, Danmark

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