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About Linda og Agnete

Welcome to la yoga 

Yin and yang, which are the cornerstones of Chinese medicine, are the basis of your practice at la yoga. We combine our teaching so that you always have 2 instructors who will learn, watch and guide you. Through your yoga practice, you will therefore be able to feel the female and cold energy that yin and the male and warm energy that yang creates, which will form the best framework for your practice and development. We are each other's polar opposites and complement each other in the best way, and together you will feel harmony and balance in the teaching. Our vision is to enrich your development and yoga practice so that you get the best overall experience. And most importantly, we have the time and energy to focus 100% on you. 




I lived in the US the first time, I became acquainted with yoga. It wasn't love at first sight, menthere was something that fascinated me. Yoga was so different from my favorite physical activity, which at the time was football. Yoga really hit me. It was new, very different and the feeling afterwards was incredible.

Subsequently, I moved to Hong Kong, where I began to practice yoga weekly. My yoga teacher was from India and one of the first things he asked me to do was to practice "The Lion". In short, this is a practice where you stick your tongue out of your mouth while exhaling with a loud sound ... Welcome to yoga :-)

It was challenging - both having to let go of control and at the same time working intensively with one's own discipline, working with physically difficult positions and being alert. 

After 9 years of practice in Hong Kong with different teachers, always asking tons of questions about anatomy, the mind, etc., one of my teachers suggested that I become yoga teacher. And she was right - I wanted to know more and I really wanted to be able to guide people in their yoga practice. I was in love :-)

After some research, I found a studio that offered me what I was looking for. I was educated and taught by an elderly Canadian woman whose teacher many years earlier had been B.K.S. Iyengar. I was drawn to Hatha yoga - very energetic and focused on the body. At that time, Yin was not at all as popular as it is now.

Yin can do something completely different, more persistent - for me it's harder work, but it also means a pain-free back and that's liberating.




When I was 19, I traveled to India for 4 months. Here I learned about different foods, eating habits, mentality, lifestyle and culture. I learned that we as humans can be happy even with few things in our lives. The way of life in India was an inspiration for my own life. When I got back home, I started practicing Tai Chi Chuan because the slow movements were like meditation - just amazing to do and to watch. My sister introduced me to yoga and from the start it felt like I had come home. Since then, the traditions of yoga have been a part of my life.


On my way through life, I have, among other things, completed a 2-year education as an addiction facilitator from Hazelden (Ireland) and a 4-year education as a body-mind physical therapist. In addition to this, I have of course taken training in various forms of yoga.


My passion is movement (Yang yoga) - both mental and physical, but I am also very attracted to the softness and passive form of Yin energy. It is fascinating with the exchange and balance between the two, the transformation from one to the other - in mind and body.


It gives wholeness in life. I look forward to experiencing yoga with you.

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